Dear David,

Thank you for all the help that you gave me in selling my deceased mother’s apartment. The listing came on just as the Provincial Government put on the 15% foreign buyer’s tax, which slowed the market considerably and put downward pressure on real estate prices. Your optimism and guidance on pricing and sales strategy led to a very good outcome for me and the other beneficiary of my mother’s estate. In addition, throughout the process you went beyond my expectations in providing assistance to ensure the closing of the transaction. Thanks again, and be assured that if we decide to move back to Vancouver you will be our real estate agent of choice.

Jane Finlayson
February 21, 2017

Dear David:

Congratulations! Top 100 Western Canada!

On behalf of RE/MAX of Western Canada, I would like to congratulate you on your outstanding individual performance on completed transactions for the month of August 2016 (based on paid out commissions on the month).

We appreciate the hard work and dedication to your customers. Sales Associates like yourself add to our image and give meaning to our trademark "RE/MAX. Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results®".

Wishing you continued success for 2016.

Yours sincerely,

RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998), LLC

Elton Ash, ABR, CRES
Regional Executive Vice President
September 20, 2016

Dear David,

Thank you very much for the outstanding work you did in helping us sell our Vancouver property.

The selling price you achieved was the top end of the scale and this was due to your great preparation work, exceptional diligence and attention to detail.

The research you did was very thorough. This was attested by the fact that you had all the necessary details at your fingertips, and were able to refute the Buyer realtor's negative statements.

Also, you ordered inspections/geoscans of the property at your own expense, to cover us in the event that there was a storage tank on site.

We would not allow you to pay for this, as this was a legitimate cost for us to cover - but my wife and I concurred that you have always been generous with your time and expenses. All this goes to further the trust we had in you.

It impressed me that your approach is calm, level-headed, and never flustered, so you were able to give sound advice to all the questions we had.

I asked you to be our Realtor because of the 25-year working relationship I had with Bill Malkin, your brother. You both have good moral values and are dedicated to delivering great service.

I couldn't have wished for a better Realtor, or better results!

With grateful thanks for your outstanding service.


David Ginsburg
September 8, 2016

Dear David,

Earning the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award is phenomenal accomplishment, and on behalf of the RE/MAX , LLC officers, we'd like to extend to you our warmest congratulations on attaining this presitgious honor.

You couldn't have achieved this award without being fully committed to your career, and we commend you for the dedication you've shown throughout your years at RE/MAX, You, and the tens of thousands of RE/MAX Associates around the world, aere the foundation of the RE/MAX Network.

We continue to strive to provide you - our special customers - with the industry's best training courses, education classes, technology, business techniques and coaching, with the knowledge that these will assist you in becoming the best real estate professional you can possibly be.

Your professional achievements are an inspiration to us here at RE/MAX, LLC. We know that our success depends on your success, and we wish you many more years of contiued achievement at RE/MAX.


Margaret Kelly, CEO

Dear David,

On Behalf of all our family, I want to both thank and congratulate you on the successful sale of our Dad's house on Cedar Crescent. Your judgement and skill more thab justified Dad's trust in you.

Of course, we're glad to have had such good luck and timing with the market, but your advice was invaluable ad I know we can all see your commission was well and truly earned.

Warm regards and thanks again,
Lionel LJ

David, just a quick note to advise that we have received the Buyer's funds and have now Closed the sale. Thanks and congratuations for a job well done by all of us.

Dennis Peterson

Dear David,

Janis and I are so appreciative of all the work you did both in selling our house and being so pro-active in your search for a condo that would suit us. In the first instance, the sale, you presented us with a lot of options and advice, and we were very pleased with the result.

In terms of the Great Condo Hunt, your diligence in both finding prospective places for us to look at, and your knowing just what we were looking for, has had a real fairytale ending! Not only did we get a condo exactly where we wanted to find one, it has ALL the features we wanted - including a huge open deck and a fabulous view! We truly are thrilled to bits, and are well aware that had you not pounced upon this place when it first came up for sale, we likely would not own it now.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and advice. We would not hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends and family.

Hilary Johnston
October 16, 2015

Dear David:

Congratulations! Top 100 Western Canada!

On behalf of RE/MAX of Western Canada, I would like to congratulate on your Outstanding individual performance on completed transactions for the month of April 2016 (based on paid out commissions on the month).

We appreciate the hard work and dedication to yur customers. Sales Associates like yourself add to our image and give meaning to our trademark "RE/MAX. Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results®".

Wishing you continued success for 2016.

Yours sincerely,

RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998), LLC

Elton Ash, ABR, CRES
Regional Executive Vice President
May 22, 2016

David,   Thank you for all the good work you have done to ensure the sale reached this stage.


January 26, 2015

Dear David:

Congratulations on achieving membership in the Platinum Club for 2015! You should be very proud of your accomplishment and we consider ourselves honoured to have you on the RE/MAX Team.

RE/MAX Associates are truly "Canada's Most Productive Agents". Your production and obvious customer-oriented service is a prime example of why RE/MAX is 'Above the Crowd!®.

As the real estate network with the most market share and greatest brand recogcnition, we have the most to offer home buyers and sellers. Due to professionalism exhibited by Sales Associates such as yourelf, RE/MAX can lay claim to the phrase: "RE/MAX. Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results®"

We look forward to seeing you at the RE/MAX of Wester Canada Awards Gala on March 1, 2016 in Las Vegas prior to the R4 Convention March 2-4, 2016 to congratulate you in person. For registration & information go to Mainstreet: remax.net - Events - REMAX R4

We are proud to have you on the RE/MAX Team and wish you continued success for 2015!

Yours truly,

RE/MAX of Wester Canada (1998) LLC

Elton Ash
Regional Executive Vice President

Brian and I would like to thank you so very much for all the amazing effort you put into the sale of our home. From the beginning both of us felt that you really wanted to produce results that would please everyone. You certainly didn’t make any grandiose promises! But you always gave us the impression that only your best efforts would be used and that we were priority!

I know you were extremely honest in saying that this type of property was not your usual sale and that you didn’t have experience in Gastown like others who made it a specialty. However, we knew that you would seek out as much advice as possible and you took this on as a challenge!

Here we were, out of town and not able to showcase our home as it was empty. The work you put into not only getting the deck cleaned, put painting the walls and then choosing a staging company was “over and above”. I know you lugged stuff off the deck to our storage locker. You kept saying that you believed in “full service”, but what you did was above the service level that we expected.

When the showings started you kept us fully informed and we could hear the excitement in your voice and we heard the  professionalism you brought to the project.

We most certainly would highly recommend your services to anyone who is considering the sale of their home.

Thank you for all that you did for us. Not too mention, getting the price we wanted and in a very timely manner. It was a great experience and you deserve a great recommendation.

Thank you.

Brian & Nicky Sung


"Congratulations on achieving your Lifetime Achievement Award. RE/MAX, LLC is now recognizing you this outstanding achivement automotaically, elliminating the application process.

This award is presented with two purposes in mind. Although the $3 million in commission is a significant achievement, great recognition is also given to the long term career path with RE/MAX. We extend our sincere congratulations for your exceptional production and our appreciation for your loyalty to the RE/MAX program over the years.

You wil be recveiving a letter, along with a complimentary Lifetime Achievement certificate, from RE/MAX, LLC. They will also include a Lifetime Achievement plaque acceptance form. Please complete the form and send it back as per instructions on the form. Should you have any questions regarding this form please contact the awards department at RE/MAX Headquarters at 1-800-525-7452.

We hope you will be able to join us at RE/MAX Western Canada's 30th Annual Conference being held February 7-9, 2013 in Calgary, AB. It would be an honour to congratulate you in person and demonstrate our appreciation on being part of the RE/MAX team by presenting you with a Lifetime Achivement lapel pin.

It is exceptional performance as such as yours which gives RE/MAX the right to the slogan "RE/MAX. Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results.®", we are proud to have you on board.

We wish you every continued success.

Yours Truly,

Elton Ash, ABR
Regional Executive Vice President
RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998), LLC"

To Potential Clients of David Malkin,

David Malkin came recommended to me by one of his past clients, and I am very thankful to have had him as my realtor. He took the time to understand the many details and features in my home and its’ surrounding neighbourhood in order to be very knowledgeable to potential buyers. His active and dedicated service allowed my apartment to sell within 31 days of listing at 95% of the list price.

David consistently communicated feedback and market updates through regular phone calls and emails in order for me to understand how my property was being received by potential buyers. I found this invaluable, and unmatched by realtors I have used in the past.

I highly recommend using David Malkin as your realtor.

Jacqueline Ellis

"Loyalty comes from excellent service, and that is precisely what you have given me and my family over the many years."

All the best,


"Dear David,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your help in selling our family’s condominium on the Westside. Although we are in a very vibrant market right now, the challenges of selling a condominium are much different and take a more disciplined approach compared to selling a single family home.

You were always honest and upfront with all of your suggestions and information and I truly believe you had our best interest at heart. Right from the beginning when we first started to talk about the listing you were very open about the market and the process which we would have to go through to attain a satisfactory sale. I was impressed by your complete understanding of the chronology of the listing, the agents’ open house and the subsequent offer presentation. Without your guidance on these issues I don’t think we would have attained such a substantial offer.

I suppose the biggest thank you is for the high price we were able to secure. Your guidance when we received two offers at the same time was invaluable and to your credit we were able to sell the property for $67,000 over the asking price, which is very significant in the condominium market. I also really liked the fact that we dealt with both of the buyers in a very fair and equitable way, which was very important to our family, as we didn’t want to take advantage of anyone in a competitive situation.

All in all the listing and sale of our property was a very pleasant and rewarding process, and I have to give you all the credit and I want to again express a big thank you for your professional services. I would not hesitate at all in recommending you to my colleagues and friends if they are looking for an experienced real estate professional."


Alan Hetherington

"Dear David,

I would like to thank you for the tremendous job you did in helping us sell our house. Your work ethic, enthusiasm for the job and acknowledge of the market left us feeling confident and get us the best deal for both our sale and purchase.

We have had the pleasure of working with you on several deals over the past six years. In that time, we have come to see a constant in the way you approach a deal and work for our best interests. When one is, as consider you to be, the consummate real estate professional, it is hard to put your finger on any, one thing that sets you apart from the rest. You are simply the full package, the gold standard by which one measures other real estate agents by.

You have both knowledge and an intuition which puts us at ease. This only comes from your years of experience closing a multitude of deals. Your insight into this market's unique trends and patterns gave us peace of mind. Your self-confidence in your skills as well as willingness to consult your colleagues to confirm a hunch simultaneously displays a unique mix of self-assuredness and humility. Talking us through buying and selling process also showed patience and a generosity of your time. I never got the feeling you were on your way nor didn't have the time to talk to us. You always responded to our emails and phone calls promptly if you weren't otherwise able to take them immediately.

Once again, thank you for all your hard work. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to all of our friends and family. I also look forward to working with you again in the future."


Alexander F. Kurnicki

"I appreciated your courteous, professional assistance in selling our family home recently in Vancouver. As I don't live in Vancouver, regular communication via email and phone was very important. You provided regular updates of market conditions and information about listings/sales of comparable properties. You were very accessible to answer questions and to discuss options. I would highly recommend your services to others who are looking to sell or buy a home in  Vancouver.

Thank You"

Maureen O'Brien
"Having recently retained the services of yourself to assist me in selling my current property and purchasing a new residence, I found you to be a professional and very knowledgeable real estate agent.

Selling my current property was no easy task given the extraordinary circumstances involving the property. You provided me with the necessary information and guidance to facilitate the sale of the property.

With respect to the purchase of my new home, your in depth knowledge of the West side market, valuable input and expertise enabled me to find and purchase the ideal home for my family.

I especially valued your honest and straightforward approach in dealing with all aspects of selling and buying the properties in question.

I would be pleased to recommend you to anyone contemplating selling and/or purchasing a property."

Angus Ito

"Thanks for all of your hard work on selling our house as well as working your magic getting our house over at mountain view. It was clear from the get-go we went with the right man! Your honesty with us means a lot; we shared a few lows + one big high! We hope that you count us as one of your friends, just as we consider you. Your very generous gesture is most appreciated."

Alex & Kirsten


"[We want] to say a very sincere thank you to you for everything you did to make [our sale] happen so easily.

There was a bit of hand holding, some excellent advice and of course your knowledge of the market and potential buyers such as the Tse family. We hope they are happy with their purchase. Thank you. Parenthetically, it was nice to be a party with you in the largest sale commission of your career. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person."

John Nelson

"My wife and I thought it would be appropriate if I wrote to you formaly to express our gratitude for the highly professional way in which you recently sold our home in Kerrisdale and found us a new home in the Dunbar area.

We were most impressed with the speed with which our Kerrisdale house was sold -- it was only for two weeks and two days -- and equally with your concern that we should find another house that suited our needs in the district of our choice. We much appreciated your knowledge of all aspects of the real estate market as well as the legal details  concerning the sale of our home and the purchase of the Dunbar house.

We feel we were indeed fortunate to have had someone as knowledgable and sympathetic as yourself to assist us in this matter. Above all, we felt that you were always working in our best interests. We will be pleased to recommend your services to anyone who needs advice or help in buying or selling a home.

Mary joins me in wishing you every success in your future career."

Jim and Mary Banham
"I would like to thank-you for the excellent way in which you handled the whole process of selling my home in the Dunbar area, your friendly, yet professional manner, must surely be one of the important factors which contributes to your continued success. your experience in the real estate sector certainly helped things go smoothly for me, even in an unpredictable marketplace. I really appreciated your flexible attitude, your knowledge of economics, and your ability to handle various situations.

I would highly recommend you to anyone considering buying or selling a home and again, thanks for a job well done!"

Marilyn Charles
"Although this acknowledgment is somewhat belated, we did want to commend you for the high degree of expertise you showed when handling the sale of our home in South Granville and finding us another home in Richmond.

Not only were we impressed with your in depth knowledge of the West Side market but we became aware of your understanding and concern when my husband was confronted with the prospect of a major operation in the offing a month after the sale of our home in Vancouver. You have certainly earned our gratitude for the extra time and effort you spent negotiating an extension to the date we were allowed to stay on in our old home, as well as for your knowledge, skill and hard work involved finding us a new home in Richmond.

We feel fortunate we had chosen someone to work for us and to act on our behalf who presented such a high ethical standard. We will be pleased at any time to recommend your assistance to anyone contemplating selling a home. My husband joins me in wishing you every success in the future."

Olive and Bruce Young

"Both Sandra and I want to extend our thanks to you for undertaking the sale of our townhouse, and for making it a relatively worry and stress free experience.

From our initial meeting with you, we were both impressed with your professional approach to the sale of our property, and the manner in which you anticipated to market it. While we were certainly surprised at how little time it took from the 'listing' to the 'sale', your expertise and attention to detail certainly played a pivotal role in the completion of the sale.

Should we be looking to purchase a new home in the future, we will definitely give you a call, and we certainly shall not hesitate in the least to recommend your name to anyone who may inquire about our experience with you.

Thank you again."

Brad & Sandra Chapman


Dear David,

We wanted to thank you for your service regarding the sale of our home last week.

Under the current difficult market conditions we were grateful for your advice and we had confidence in your expertise which we knew was derived from many years of local market experience.

I would also like to thank you for your limitless patience with us during the purchase negotiations. Your level of professionalism was top notch and was very reassuring for us.

We are looking forward to many happy years in our new house, but we will be in touch if we require real estate services in the future nd would not hesitate to highly recommend you to friends.

Thanks again David,

Sonya & Darcy Wilsen

"Recently I sold my house through David Malkin. I found this service excellent and his knowledge of the South  Granville market second to none. Prior to this sale, he was willing to assist me with market information while I tried to negotiate the sale to my next door neighbour and with no anticipation of a commission. Following the collapse, I was happy to list with David and through his services, I received a considerably better offer even after commission that I could negotiate myself. David proved to me that you need a good agent working for you to expose your property to all purchasers and realize maximum value."

Gwen Newton

"Just a quick note to let you know how much Mrs. Bennett and I appreciated the professional way in which you handled the sale of our house for us. We always felt that you were working hard on our behalf and especially appreciated your suggesting to remove your 'For Sale' sign over the July/August summer doldrums. Your ability to correctly forecast a slow summer market for South Granville was impressive indeed! It appears that we caught the peak of the market and we attribute this to your guiding us into waiting for our price and not pressuring us to sell.

Your negotiation skills in the purchase of our new apartment at the Wiltshire in Kerrisdale were exemplary - we truly look forward to an enjoyable retirement there.

Again, David, thank you very much for all your hard work - we certainly would not hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends."

Alan Bennett
"I would like to thank you for being such an affective real estate agent.

As you know, when we had to settle our parents' estate and, regretfully, sell the family home, I, remotely from  Montreal, pre-selected potential agents based upon strong recommendations I had obtained from people whose local Vancouver knowledge I respect.

You were one of the three I short-listed. You made yourself available at my convenience the next time I travelled to Vancouver. Your professionalism and calm led me to recommend selecting you to my brother and sister, who accepted my recommendation.

I was not proven wrong. In retrospect, especially during the offer negotiation phase, your advice was totally correct and I am glad to have followed it.

The house sold rapidly, at a fair price and I gather the close went through perfectly as my share has already been deposited.

Thank you for making a painful process so much simpler."

Susan Clarke
"Thank you for your recent help in selling my home in Shaughnessy. It is always difficult to sell a home when you've lived in it for as long as I have, but your genuine enthusiasm for the property made the selling process much difficult for me.

From our very first meeting, you were able to see the potential for the house. This resulted in a selling price that was significantly higher that one of your competitor agents had suggested even as a listing price. Your understanding of the market demand for my property also resulted in a very quick sale which you accurately predicted.

Thank-you again for your kind and thoughtful service. I wish you best of luck in your future real estate endeavors"

Ines Turner

"For at least 25 years, The Canadian Real Estate Association and organized real estate as a whole have benefited from your time, your talents and your dedication to promote the professionalism and the quality of your fellow REALTORS.   

In a field where the turnover is at times very high, your perseverance is an inspiration to all of us. Some 25-year veterans have inspired us by leading organized real estate at the local, provincial or national levels. Others have inspired in less tangible but equally significant ways.

You have earned CREA's heartfelt appreciation, which we would like to extend to you by way of this attractive certificate. It is our pleasure to recognize and honour your accomplishments and your many years as a member of CREA. Please accept this certificate as a small token of our great appreciation.

And may your career in real estate continue for many more years."

Alan Tennant, FRI

The Canadian Real Estate Association
" I want to write and say thank you for all your help. You were patient and supportive through a long process and I appreciate it. Thank you."

"Hello Al,

Completion date is today and I just came back from turning over the keys to David Malkin. I can close the final chapter on E. Georgia Street.

Thanks for recommending David. He is an excellent realtor and a super individual to deal with."

"WOW!!! You made my day!! It's we who should be thanking you. We, too, found you a delight to work with. And
we're so glad we don't have to keep the house neat, as neither of us is the slightest bit tidy. Plus we liked the
buyers' family and friends and can turn this over this old beauty with pleasure. We decided to tear the Esquimalt
house down and have already found a builder who says he can start in May. So it is all very exciting. Think I'll go
have a glass of wine with Amy. Best of luck to you,David and many thanks."

"Congratulations on your induction into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame! This is a tremendous career achievement for you and one of which you should be most proud. We realize the overwhelming effort you have expended in order to reach this goal and it is our pleasure to be among the first to congratulate you.

Providing consistent customer service is an integral part in earning this prestigious award and it is obvious that the quality of your service is unsurpassed. it is truly a pleasure and an honor to be affiliated with you within the RE/MAX organization."

Dave Liniger, ABR, CRB                            Gail Liniger, ABR, CRB, CRP
Chairman of the Board                              CEO

Daeyl Jesperson, ABR, CRB, CRP, GRI        Vinnie Tracey, CRB

President                                                 Senior Vice President

Margaret Kelly, CRB                                  Joe Reynolds, CPA, CRP

Senior Vice President                                Senior Vice President